Terms and Conditions Platform

Article 1: Definitions

1. mediums.international:

mediums.international is the platform of Ideas Colors Collective Media, registered with the Chamber of Commerce (CoC) under the number 172298510000 the Netherlands. VAT number NL 141601267B01.

2. End User:

The person who visits the mediums.international platform and or uses the services and or products offered by the consultants of the mediums.international platform.

3. Consultant:

The person who independently and on an independent basis offers his or her services directly through the mediums.international platform with whom the end user can come into contact with. There is no employment relationship between the consultant and mediums.international.

4. Platform:

Website: www.mediums.international


Article 2: Applicability

1 – These general conditions apply to and are the basis for all agreements and any other legal acts, site visits and site uses and apply between mediums.international and end user.
2 – mediums.international is entitled to amend or supplement these general terms and conditions at any time.
3 – The general conditions do not apply to the consultants services for end users. Between consultant and end user a direct agreement is established.
4 – mediums.international expressly disclaims any (different) terms of the consultant’s hand.
5 – By visiting the website mediums.international, accessing and using the information provided through this web application, the end user agrees automatically to these terms and conditions.
6 – mediums.international reserves the right to change the terms, the conditions, and the messages of the offered services.
7 – If any provision of these terms and conditions is invalid or unenforceable, the remaining conditions will remain unaffected. mediums.international will adopt a new provision to replace the void / nullified provision, taking the scope of the invalid / void provision into account as much as possible as also the original intent.


Article 3: Services

1 – mediums.international provides a platform through which a consultant is allowed to give a telephone consultation to an end user. mediums.international has therefore only a facilitating role and cannot be held responsible for the content of the consultation.
2 – Each consultant offering their services through the mediums.international platform provides his or her own rate. The rates for this consultation are clearly stated on the mediums.international website.
3 – Through the mediums.international website full phone consultations of 20, 40, or 60 minutes can be purchaseds. Remaining minutes of these phone consultations are not reimbursed.
4 – The mediums.international platform and the services offered through the platform are accessible to any person of 18 years or older.
5 – mediums.international cannot be held liable for advice and the content of the consultations given by advisers or consultants. All the consultants working on independent basis.
6 – The end user is responsible for the use and management of his or her account and associated PIN which is delivered by email. The end user must enter a correct and accurate e-mail address with his or her account on the mediums.international platform.
7 – The end user needs to ensure that he or she has a good quality phone connection from their end when entering into a phone consultation via the mediums.international platform.
8 – mediums.international call me en credit consultations: mediums.international can only guarantee call me en credit consultations, when the end user has entered the required data correctly and has a good quality phone connection. If the necessary data is not entered correctly and or there is no good quality phone connection, no restitution is possible in case of a dispute.
9 – mediums.international will take appropriate technical and organizational measures to protect the electronic transfer of data and creates a secure web environment for both end users and consultants.
10 – complaints regarding the operation and content of the mediums.international platform should be submitted using the contact form.


Article 4: References

1 – The end user has the option to write a reference about a consultation that he or she has received. The end user guarantees that the reference information is provided in good faith and in a true reference and indemnify mediums.international for any claim from a third party in respect thereof.
2 – A reference text must adhere to the following conditions:
– a reference may not contain defamatory, vulgar, obscene, racially or unethical language
– a reference may not contain any personal information regarding a consultant
– a reference may not contain links and / or scripts


Article 5: Privacy Police and Personal Data

1 – mediums.international processes personal data of end users and consultants for the purposes of the implementation of the services and related activities, and in accordance with the Data Protection Act.
2 – In this processing of personal data the mediums.international privacy statement applies.


Article 6: Disclaimer

1 – mediums.international is the authorized publisher of the web page; www.mediums.international
2 – The following applies to the mediums.international platform. By using the mediums.international platform of you agree with this disclaimer.
3 – The mediums.international platform services are limited to managing the mediums.international website, managing the purchased consultations of end users and enabling contact between the end user and the consultant.
4 – The end user is responsible for the use of any information provided on our website; www.mediums.international.
5 – Uploaded files that contain viruses corrupted or software or programs that may damage the operation of your computer will not be accepted.
6. – mediums.international is for entertainment purposes only.


Article 7: Cookies

1 – mediums.international might make use of cookies. Using a cookie helps us to recognize you when you revisit our website. The website can therefore be specially adjusted to your preferences. Even if you have given permission to using cookies we can remember this selection by using a cookie. This way you do not have to repeat your preferences so you will save time and have a more pleasant experience on our website. Permanent cookies can remove you through the settings of your web browser.
2 – Through our website, a cookie is placed with Google, as part of their “Analytics” services. We use this service to track and get reports about how visitors use the website. Google may also transfer this information to third parties if Google is legally required or if third parties process the information on Google’s behalf. We have no influence on this. We do not allow Google to use the data analytics information for other Google services. The information Google collects is as anonymous as possible. Your IP address is explicitly not transferred. The information is transmitted to and stored by Google on servers in the United States. Google claims to adhere to the Safe Harbor principles and is affiliated with the Safe Harbor program of the US Department of Commerce. This means that there is an adequate level of protection for the processing of any personal data. ”
3 – More information on enabling and disabling and deleting cookies can be found in the instructions and / or using the Help function of your browser.


Article 8: Disputes

On contracts between mediums.international and the end user to which these general conditions apply, only Dutch law applies.


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